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Matteo Brunelli
Associate Professor
Anna Calio'
Temporary Assistant Professor
Claudio Luchini
Associate Professor
Guido Martignoni
Associate Professor
Aldo Mombello
Assistant Professor
Aldo Scarpa
Full Professor
Topic People Description
Molecular and cellular biology Aldo Mombello
Study of the functional role of CFTR in cellular models including primary cells from patients affected by cystic fibrosis and other related diseases. Study of the role of PTPRG tumor suppressor gene
Morbid pathology (autoptic case report) Aldo Mombello
Research activity on clinically relevant autoptic case reports with specific reference to reports related to cardiology and cardiac surgery aimed to the publication of anatomo-clinically relevant case reports.
Histopathological and molecular diagnostics Matteo Brunelli
Anna Calio'
Guido Martignoni
Aldo Scarpa
Research topic regards morphological, immunophenotypical and molecular alterations on neoplastic tissue by biopsy and / or sample tissue for the improvement of diagnostics, prognostic classification and research of molecular alterations to predict the response to targeted therapies.
Research activity on morphological, immunohistochemical and molecular alterations on neoplastic tissues (biopsies and/or surgical specimens) to improve diagnostics and prognostic stratification, and to find predictive molecular alteration for targeted therapies. Claudio Luchini
Attività di ricerca di alterazioni morfologiche, immunoistochimiche e molecolari su tessuto neoplastico da biopsia e/o pezzo operatorio per il miglioramento della diagnostica, inquadramento prognostico e ricerca di alterazioni molecolari predittive di risposta a terapie mirate.
Systematic review and meta-analysis for cancer research Claudio Luchini
Systematic review and meta-analysis for cancer research focusing on prognostic, diagnostic and predictive parameters.
Gastroenteric and pancreatic tumors Claudio Luchini
Study of gastroenteric and pancreatic neoplasms focusing on histopathological, immunological and molecular features


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