Who we are

Professors in the Department of Diagnostics and Public Health (DDSP) work in the broad areas of Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. Specifically, they are connected with the scientific disciplinary sectors BIO/14 (Pharmacology) and BIO/19 (General Microbiology) in the CUN 05/Biological Sciences area and MED/01 (Medical Statistics), MED/08 (Pathological Anatomy), MED/17 (Infectious Diseases), MED/36 (Radiology), MED/42 (Hygiene), MED/43 (Legal Medicine), MED/44 (Occupational Medicine) and  MED/45 (Nursing) in the CUN 06/Medical Sciences area.

The Department’s mission

Making use of the range of expertise possessed by its academic staff, in both teaching and research the Department places a large focus on medical diagnosis settings, epidemiology, preventive medicine and public health. Through basic and applied research as well as real world assistance, DDSP aims contribute to the development and improvement of preventive medicine and treatment in the hospital environment and the community. To pursue this objective, the Department uses strategies to identify new diagnostic approaches, new healthcare interventions and new preventive health interventions. A further significant issue for DDSP involves seeking to clarify the social protection and welfare available to citizens with diseases, disabilities or sequelae of occupational diseases, for a fair allocation of economic resources under the current mixed social security/social insurance system.
The Department of Diagnostics and Public Health places great importance on academic publications, both in terms of quantity and quality. The Department is involved in many significant regional, national and international research projects.


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The department in brief
Policlinico G.B. Rossi - P.le L.A. Scuro 10, 37134 Verona ;
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Prof. Albino Poli
Deputy Director
Prof. Guido Francesco Fumagalli


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