Council for the Department of Medicine and Public Health

Albino Poli
Type of body
Departmental council
Administration office
Staff dei Servizi Dipartimentali
Diagnostics and Public Health
The Department Council is the body which directs and plans the Department's activities. It establishes the criteria for the use of those funds, means and tools which are available as well as the organisation of doctorate courses, congresses and seminars of interest to the Department. The Department Council carries out the following work: - it approves internal Regulations, the Department forecast budget, any possible changes during the year as well as the final account; - it applies to the University Board of Directors for facilities, staff and financial resources on the basis of the research activities being carried out or planned; - it decides in public selection proposals with other Departments for the establishment and functioning of Interdepartmental Centres, research and services, as well as with other universities; - it decides on requests to institutions for ordinary doctorate scholarships and also any other scholarship or research support assignment, for funds for research from public and private Bodies - it can delegate, if there is an absolute majority, specific duties to the Department Board.


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