PhD in Applied Life and Health Sciences


Doctorate in Applied Sciences of Life and Health will train their students in research facilities that possess scientific expertise, project resources and capital equipment appropriate for the acquisition of the methodology of scientific research aimed at the development of medical research in the areas of bioscience applying the new global “omics” analysis and high-throughput technologies, such as HPLC-Tandem Mass Spectrometry novel molecular technologies. The PhD programaims to:
  • Enhance the formation of the third level and create a critical mass that will foster the training of PhDs able to deal autonomously the ongoing challenges of biomedical research assuming a prominent role in international research and benefits in the local economy;
  • Offer a curriculum with theoretical and practical tools that support, promoting the high qualification and internationalization through internships in Italian or foreign laboratories at which use the most modern research technologies facilitate the inclusion of PhD graduates in the world of work.
For each student will be provided research-intensive equipment (with personal supervisor) as part of a research structured team. The student will participate in research projects broadly interdisciplinary in which the cultural theoretical and experimental trining find a balanced synergistic, enhanced by the possibility of interactions with national and international laboratories that will allow him/her to compete with other studies and research and expand employment opportunities beyond the academic world.The trainingin the PhD course includes expertise in Biology and Medicine that range from research in genomics, famacogenomics, preventive and predictive medicine, microbial control environment and drug resistance organized in three thematic research: Genomics, Epidemiology - Bio Statistics and Microbiology – Infectious diseases.

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Degree type
3 years
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DOTTORATI - PHD – PhD programmes (university)
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Faculty Board of PhD in Applied Life and Health Sciences
Simone Accordini
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Diagnostics and Public Health
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Life and Health Sciences
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Medicine and Surgery