PhD in Nanoscience and Advanced Technologies

Dottorato in Nanoscienze e Tecnologie Avanzate
Inserisci la matricola per vedere la tua offerta formativa nell'anno corretto.

Access type
Subject to entry requirements
Operational unit: PhD Unit
Start the cycle
October 1, 2020
End of cycle
September 30, 2023

How to enroll

The deadline to complete the pre-enrolment procedure is set for August 31st 2020.
Should a student not pre-enrol within the settled deadline, the University will consider him/her as having given up his/her place (with or without scholarship), and this place will be assigned to the candidate that comes immediately after him/her on the ranking. This candidate will be informed by e-mail and within five days from receiving it, he/she will have to pre-enrol


Admission test

Required documentation for public selection

Other documents (calendar, ranking list, etc.)

Notices and other documents