Legal and Forensic Medicine (2019/2020)

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
DIDATTICA FRONTALE 9 MED/43-FORENSIC MEDICINE See the unit page See the unit page
ATTIVITA' PRATICA 35 MED/43-FORENSIC MEDICINE not yet allocated not yet allocated

Learning outcomes

provide the students the theoretical basis and the practical skills to needed for the practice of legal and forensic medicine, including basic notions of forensic science


the legal-administrative rights of the citizen healthy and disabled; public forensic medicine; bioethics, deontology, professional responsibility; pathology and medico-legal pathology; social security and asylum medicine; the medico-legal laboratory; forensic haemogenetics; forensic toxicology; criminology and forensic psychopathology; social medicine and the organisation and legislation of health and social interest in the public and private contexts and the methodology of assessment of the fittnes to work and act in regulated contexts.

Assessment methods and criteria


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