Ageing Lungs in European Cohorts (ALEC) Study

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1 maggio 2015
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Accordini Simone
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lung function, cohorts, Horizon 2020

The ALEC Study will improve our understanding of risk factors for low lung function, respiratory disability and the development of chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), by using information held within existing cohort studies (ALSPAC, ECRHS, NFBC, RHINESSA, SAPALDIA, TAHS). Even though COPD has long been viewed as a predominantly smoking-related disease, there is increasing awareness that lifestyle and environment contribute to disease even from very early in life, including before birth.

The ALEC Study is led by Professor Debbie Jarvis, from the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London.

The ALEC Study has 7 Work Packages:
WP1 (Professor Debbie Jarvis, Imperial College London) - Management
WP2 (Professor Cecilie Svanes, University of Bergen) - Preconception and transgenerational risk factors
WP3 (Professor John Henderson, University of Bristol) - Lung function growth and submaximal lung function attainment in children
WP4 (Dr Judith Garcia Aymerich, CREAL Barcelona) - Lung function decline
WP5 (Professor Nicole Probst-Hensch, Swiss TPH Basel) - Change in DNA methylation and lung function
WP6 (Dr Cosetta Minelli, Imperial College London) - Integration and translation
WP7 (Professor Debbie Jarvis, Imperial College London) - Dissemination
Three work packages are for risk factor identification each concentrating on a particular phase of life: pre-conception and transgenerational (WP2), childhood (WP3) and adulthood (WP4). WP5 is responsible for generation of new data on change in DNA methylation (DNAm) from two cohorts (ECRHS and SAPALDIA), and for overall and targeted analyses on changes in DNAm with age, disease evolution and exposures to specific risk factors from all cohorts. WP6 is responsible for the integration and translation of findings into a predictive risk score for COPD. WP1 is related to study management and WP7 is related to dissemination. 

The ALEC Study is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 633212.

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Commissione Europea
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Programma: EUROPA - Progetti Europei

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Simone Accordini
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Lucia Cazzoletti
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Francesca Locatelli
Alessandro Marcon
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