Health Care Sciences & Services

Federica Canzan
Associate Professor
Guido Francesco Fumagalli
Temporary Professor
Stefano Tardivo
Full Professor
Giulia Zamboni
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Hepatobiliary-pancreatic and oncological imaging Giulia Zamboni
Hepatobiliary-pancreatic and oncological diagnostic imaging, with a particular interest in tumor diagnosis and characterization and in correlation between imaging findings and response to therapy
Nursing Luisa Saiani
Elderly: Prevalence and avoidability of physical restraints, nursing and pharmacovigilance, avoidability of problems affecting older people, treatment of pressure sores. Organizational research: innovative nursing care models, prevention of nurses’ turnover, continuity of care, screening of patients at risk of difficult discharge. Caring in nursing: actions and perceptions. Correlation between skill mix of nursing teams and occurrence of negative outcomes in hospitalized patients. Nursing skills for nurses working with General Practioners. Evolving skills in health care professions. Validation process of an instrument to assess teaching clinical contexts. Impact of postgraduate education on nurses’ professional activity and career progression.
Nursing education and caring Federica Canzan
Anziani: prevalenza ed evitabilità della contenzione fisica, infermieri e farmacosorveglianza, evitabilità dei problemi assistenziali, efficacia dei trattamenti per le lesioni da pressione. Ricerca organizzativa: modelli assistenziali innovativi, prevenzione del turnover, strategie di continuità assistenziale, screening dei pazienti a rischio di dimissione difficile. Caring infermieristico: azioni e percezioni. Correlazione tra skill mix dei team infermieristici e occorrenza di esiti negativi sui pazienti ospedalizzati. Competenze infermieristiche nei team di medicina generale. Evoluzione competenze professioni assistenziali. Validazione strumento di valutazione dei contesti di tirocinio clinico. Impatto formazione infermieristica avanzata sull’attività professionale e l’avanzamento di carriera dei laureati.
Hospital Management Stefano Tardivo
- Hospital Management - Health Service and Quality - Risk Management & Patient Safety - Epidemiology and Public Health - Health Technology Assessment - evaluation of diagnostic-therapeutic care tools
Child motor development Guido Francesco Fumagalli
Analysis and identification of major environmental factors affecting child moto4r and cognitive development. Testing strategies of adult education for increasing attention toward development of motor and executive functions in children.


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