Master's degree in Nursing and Obstetrics

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Specialized graduates in this filed will have an advanced cultural and professional background so that they can work extremely competently when assisting, running, training and doing research in one of the specific environments related to the various health professions of this type. (nursing, obstetrics and/or pediatric nursing). Specialzed graduates who have acquired the necessary scientific background, the ethnic values and/or have done further studies or research on the discipline, will be able, at the end of their studies, to use their advanced assistance, training and preventative skills in order to provide answers to the main health problems facing the population and the problems of the quality of the service as well. They will be able, based on the background they have acquired to work on planning and running staff in the health service, and work with innovative technology such as teleassistance and teledidactics, as well as being able to plan and organize pedagogical-training events and apply standard operatives which they will integrate smoothly with the European Union ones. Specialized graduates develop an integrated approach to health profession organizational and management problems, largely as a result of the background they have built up through suitable practical work experience. Added to this they develop their knowledge and command of techniques and procedures of health management, when related both to their work and to other people's work. Thanks to the methodological knowledge they acquire they are also able to take part in the training and specific research carried out in both these fields.

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Degree type
Specialized degree courses
2 years
Degree class
SNT_SPEC/1 - Postgraduate degree in nursing and midwifery studies
Supervisory body
Council for the Degree course in the Sciences of Nursing and Obstretrics
Secretary's Office for study courses
Main Department
Diagnostics and Public Health
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Subject area
Medicine and Surgery