Corso di Perfezionamento in antibiotico-resistenza: approccio one health dal laboratorio alla pratica clinica e veterinaria

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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
- Farmacologia - Pharmacology (BIO/14 ,VET/07) 2017/2018
- Malattie infettive - (click to insert) The course will cover areas of infectious diseases relevant for the gynecologists with particular reference to sexually transmitted diseased and infectious diseases with foetal amternal transmission (MED/17 ,VET/08) 2017/2018
- Microbiologia (- ,MED/07) 2017/2018
- Esercitazione (-) 2017/2018
- Seminari o testimonianze di esperti (-) 2017/2018
- Prova finale - Final exam (-) 2017/2018