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The research group study application of the interphase cytogenetic FISH analysis on formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded tissue for diagnostics, prognostication and predictiveness to targeted therapies in carcinoma primary arising from the urogenital tract (i.e. renal cell carcinoma), in breast carcinoma (Her-2 locus gene) and ALK/ROS-1 riarrangements in lung carcinoma; moreover application of FISH technique for 1p/19q abnormalities in tumours from the central nervous system is constantly performed.
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Matteo Brunelli

Matteo Brunelli
Associate Professor
Guido Martignoni
Full Professor
Anna Calio'
Associate Professor
Serena Pedron
Technical-administrative staff
Topic Research area
Application of the molecular FISH technique on tissue from bioptic and organ samples for diagnostic purposes Health Care Sciences & Services
Diagnostics among tumours from urogenital tract with focus on kidney tumours. Health Care Sciences & Services
Interface consultation with forensic pathology, with facilities for gross sampling, preparation of histopathological glass slides from organs. Health Care Sciences & Services
Histopathological and molecular diagnostics Research & Experimental
Digital pathology and Telepathology during organ transplantation. Health Care Sciences & Services
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Diagnostica digitale - Studio Pilota Matteo Brunelli Jan 1, 2015 12
Name Description
FISH Lab Il Laboratorio di analisi FISH riceve richieste di indagine molecolare su tessuto in formalina ed incluso in paraffina per identificare anomalie cromosomiche o locus specifiche.
Strumentazione a disposizione: microscopio a fluorescenza Olympus BX.


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