Albino Eccher

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Pathological Anatomy Section


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Research groups

Diagnostics during solid organ transplantation.
Histopathology and immunophenotyping for scoring functionm of organs and typing neoplastic nodules to avoid malignant trasmission of neoplasia.
Digital Pathology - Telepathology
The research group promotes the use of digital systems for routinely diagnostics on ex-glass slides for second and expert opinion
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Histopathological and molecular diagnostics Research topic regards morphological, immunophenotypical and molecular alterations on neoplastic tissue by biopsy and / or sample tissue for the improvement of diagnostics, prognostic classification and research of molecular alterations to predict the response to targeted therapies. Research & Experimental
Digital pathology and Telepathology during organ transplantation. Digital pathology and Telepathology issue with focus on trasmission of diagnostic whole slide images during organ transplantation activities and second opinion quality control. Health Care Sciences & Services

Other positions held
  • PhD student from 3/1/10 Department Pathology and Diagnostics [Department deactivate from 7/31/15. ]


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