Interventions to ensure equity of access to diagnostic procedure in solitary pulmonary nodule

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December 20, 2008
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Pozzi Mucelli Roberto

The primary outcome will be the different approach to the clinical problem in various
regions of the Country. From all the acquired data it then will be possible to
identify a standardized diagnostic work-up which will provide the highest sensibility,
specificity and diagnostic accuracy. Furthermore it will be possible to evaluate
the time reduction required for a definitive diagnosis.

Achieving this primary outcome will necessarily result in achieving the secondary
Outcomes. The secondary outcomes will include:

- targeted implementation of resources to reduce time and wasted resources in the
Identification of malignant lesions;

- identification of geographic areas with insufficient resources, both in terms of
equipment ad health-care professionals, in order to guarantee a homogeneous distribution
of care;

- evaluation of a new concept do software able to collect and record clinical dale as
well as images even produced in other institutions;

- analyze the possible redistribution of patients, if necessary, based on their needs
in order to guarantee a homogeneous distribution of health-care.

- assess the possible use of a CAD (computer-assisted diagnosis) software.

- dissemination in several diagnostic departments of the tested software, to have in
a next future an homogeneus approach to the problem in the Country.

An curly diagnosis will imply a reduction in the overall number of diagnostic procedures
that a patient will have to undergo by eliminating those that do not add significant
new information.

A shortening of the time required for diagnosis means that the patient will begin
therapy sooner, tumor size will be smaller therefore more manageable with a reduction
in costs in socio-economic terms as well as a reduced psychological stress
placed on the patient due to a prolonged period with an uncertain destiny. Both
these points will reduce costs and shorten waiting-periods.


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Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging


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